So what exactly is “Digital Status”

A person or company’s “Digital Status” is its notoriety and popularity on all current digital platforms & channels either Internationally, Nationally, or Regionally.

“Digital Status” is achieved through Digital Media Marketing, Promotion, and Management through a profuse amount of digital platforms & channels to promote or market people, products, or services to consumers and businesses thus creating their Official “Digital Status”!

Your “Digital Status” is a result of Digital Media Marketing, Promotion, & Management using a multitude of electronic channels & devices such as Personal Desk Tops, Lap Tops, Smart-Phones, Cellphones, Tablets, TVs, Stereos, Digital Watches, Digital Eyewear, and Game Consoles to engage people globally, nationally, and regionally.

Digital marketing, promotion, & management applies technologies through digital channels and platforms such as Websites, Social & Business Networks, Media, SMS, E-mails, Apps, Satellite, Digital TV, Digital Radio (live streaming & programmed), Broadband, Digital Ads, Banners, Billboards, and more…

Social Media Marketing is a component of digital marketing and promotion. Digital marketing and promotion is rapidly becoming the most popular form as it allows all types of meticulous analytical tracking for Return on Investment (ROI) more accurately compared to other traditional marketing or promotion channels.

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What’s ur “digitalStatus”?